Legal Supply

In Canada most of the forest is public land. The companies that operate here recognize that to earn a living from the forests, we must manage them sustainably. Canada has understood this for many years. All the areas that are harvested must be replanted with the same native species that were removed. Provincial governments measure compliance and impose penalties for failure to achieve full reforestation. As a result, today we have no net deforestation and no illegal logging in Canada.

Unfortunately this is not the case in all regions of the world. There are countries where extensive deforestation and illegal harvesting of forests continues. Trade in the products from these illegally harvested forests leads to degradation of natural forests, reduces biodiversity and harms local communities. It also supports corrupt and criminal activities, undermines the rule of law, and reduces government revenues. These activities reflect very poorly on the industry as a whole.

Our primary supplier is Canadian Forest Products Ltd., whose approach to forest management is succinctly summarized in their Sustainable Forest Management Commitments (see Forestry Principles) We are proud to be working closely with, and sourcing fibre from Canadian Forest Products.