PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)

PEFC is an international process that defines the criteria that individual national certification systems must reach in order to demonstrate true sustainability credentials. As national standards, the CSA (Canada) and SFI (USA) processes have been assessed and endorsed as meeting the PEFC. FSC is already an international system with international recognition. 

CSA/PEFC (Canadian Standards Association)

CSA is only applied in Canada, largely on government owned forest lands, and was written to complement tough policies, guidelines and government oversight already in place for the public forests in Canada.

SFI/PEFC (Sustainable Forestry Initiative)

SFI is applied in Canada and the United States on both public and private lands and its requirements recognize the strong legal framework in place in North America. It incorporates outreach and training requirements for suppliers of wood bought from non-program participants.