Our Pulp

Canfor Pulp produces northern softwood kraft pulp (NSK) at all three of our mills in the central interior of British Columbia. These mills are located near the city of Prince George, on the Fraser River. Our NSK is manufactured primarily from the residual chips produced at local sawmills. The primary species we use are white spruce (picea glauca), lodgepole pine (pinus contorta) and subalpine fir (abies lasiocarpa). These pulps are in demand worldwide for their superior ability to reinforce a wide range of technically demanding papers and composite products. The majority of our production is fully bleached NBSK, but we also produce specialty unbleached NSK too. Canfor Pulp offers superior tensile premium reinforcement pulp (PRP).

Typical Property Sheets

Thanks to the climatic conditions in the central plateau of British Columbia the softwood species we utilize preferentially develop long, slender and thin-walled earlywood (springwood) fibres. These fibre properties enable production of kraft pulp that not only has excellent tensile strength, but also offers superior wet web reinforcement and sheet dimensional stability.  Live Typical Property Sheets for our Fully Bleached and Unbleached pulps based on the previous 3 months of pulp testing at Canfor Pulp Innovation can be obtained from this link or by scanning these QR codes. More »

Bale Size

The bales from our different mills vary slightly in size and weight. More »

Fact Sheets (Requires Login)

The following detailed fact sheets have been prepared for each of our pulp mills. The level of detail in them is significant, and has been designed with the needs of customer engineers and professionals in mind. More »

What Softwood Pulp is Best

This is a question that we are often asked, and our answer is that “it depends.” More »