Fibre United is a sales and marketing cooperation between Canfor Pulp and UPM Pulp.

Our cooperation provides customers the unique opportunity to access and benefit from the most versatile range of pulps as well as the technical expertise of two pulp and paper heavyweights.

UPM Pulp markets and sells Canfor Pulp in China and Europe and Canfor Pulp markets and sells UPM Pulp’s products in North America and Japan. We provide you with world’s widest selection of hardwood and softwood pulps with six grades of pulp, supplied from eight mills on three continents.

Let us help you be more competitive by:
  • Providing an unrivalled, highly complementary pulp range.
  • Focusing on Total Fibre Optimization by offering a suite of pulps based on your needs, whether you want better runnability, enhanced product qualities or cost savings.
  • Providing a vast pool of knowledge backed up by both UPM Pulp and Canfor Pulp's research organizations.
  • Focusing on minimizing the environmental impact of our products and operations so you can, too.
  • Embracing a direct-to-market sales approach enabling faster response times and direct access to our teams.

No matter if you are a small, specialized company, a medium-sized operator or a rapidly growing business, we are able to provide the products and expertise you need.

For more information, please contact our sales team in your region
Canfor Pulp supplies:
  • Premium Reinforcing Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft

    One of the strongest wood fibres in the world for printing and writing papers, specialty papers and tissue.

  • Unbleached Kraft Pulps (UBE & UBK)

    UBE is ideal for electrical applications and UBK for specialty end-uses such as fibre cement.

  • Bleached Chemical Thermo Mechanical Pulp

    High yield BCTMP grade for board, printing and writing papers and specialty papers.

UPM Pulp supplies:
  • UPM Conifer, the Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft

    Especially suitable for magazine, fine and specialty papers as well as tissue.

  • UPM Betula, the Northern Bleached Birch Kraft

    For board, specialty paper and printing and writing applications.

  • UPM Euca, the Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft

    Versatile fibre properties for tissue, board, printing and writing as well as specialty papers.